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We believe knowledge is a verb

At Hira School, knowledge is something we do rather than know.

We aspire to see enterprise and social action as an outcome of the learning process.

We encourage curiosity

We don’t want children memorising information – instead, we want them to become thinkers and creators of knowledge.

Children need to become self-evolving learners, capable of quickly adapting to change.

Rich learning allows children to develop an ability to be resilient, creative and inventive, to think critically and solve problems.

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Hira School children, in every class, are encouraged to ‘think like scientists’.


Our curriculum embeds future-focused learning – this is where we help prepare children for their future, not our past. They work collaboratively to learn effective communication and leadership skills and to think in an entrepreneurial way.

We learn through play and inquiry-based projects

Our junior class teachers include the teaching method of ‘learning through play’ within authentic contexts as a mode of curriculum delivery, and to meet developmental needs and support social and emotional growth.

Inquiry-based learning and projects tap into a learner’s sense of curiosity and sense of wonder and is a teaching method increasingly being used at all levels.

We embrace our culture

Children in all our classes learn about the Te Reo Māori language.  They experience the Māori culture through special events such as Matariki Celebration, Powhiri and our biennial whole school marae stay.